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ColorfulTabs 25.0 for Firefox (Also With Support For Firefox 10 ESR And Later)

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Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States

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Help and Documentation. If you still face issues report them in the forums area.

ColorfulTabs is an add-on for the popular browser Firefox. Firefox is known for its tabbed-browsing feature(s). ColorfulTabs takes the experience to the next level. ColorfulTabs colors every tab in a unique color and makes them easy to distinguish while enhancing the appeal of the Firefox interface. ColorfulTabs is the favorite of the Firefox users. In the words of one of the million users…

“…Just wanted to let you know I absolutely love your Colourful Tabs add on for Firefox! It’s one of the best and my personal favourite of all add-ons available. Thank you so much for this!…”

ColorfulTabs has received various awards and has been distributed* with popular IT magzines around the world. ColorfulTabs made it into BBC’s show ‘Click’ in June 2007. You may find the text version of the program at BBC Click Online. A video of the same is hosted at the BBC site at BBC Click Archives (under the 9th June archives).

Known Bugs

  • Does not work with other Tab-related addons.
  • If one of the default preferences is missing, the first-run tab reappears.

To Do:

  • Test with Personas.
  • Streamline preferences window.
  • Ability to reset all options.
  • Tutorials on domain based coloring.